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What is Storwork?

Storwork is a modern tool for building business applications. Even non-programming people can realize innovative ideas thanks to Storwork. The process of creating new IT system can be held entirely by our team or in collaboration with a client’s team. Storwork is based on experience of existing applications. It helps to reduce the risk of software development. We provide backend to every kind of application and support of making interface. We distinguish ourselves by the programming approach and the technology used to efficiently and cost-effectively build the application.

Who is it for?

For startupers

who want to reduce costs and risk of developing application. Storwork provides server infrastructure and help of developers. Our clients save time needed to develop application from scratch thanks to designed data center. We have a lot of experience and we set ourselves high requirements. That is why developing business application with us is more effective and reduce risk of making the most popular developing mistakes making by beginners.

For entrepreneurs

who want to faster, cheaper and safer design application meets their company’s needs. It is no longer need to hire programmists who develop software from base. We offer common for every application backend, so the entrepreneurs can reduce costs of programmists work. The designed system will meet individual needs of enterprise and improve process efficiency thanks to Storwork.

For industry experts

who want to transfer their knowledge and experience into a tool supporting others’ work. Every sector has an individual specification so the system has to meet specific requirements. The experienced representants of business areas are the most qualified people to define what needs has to meet the application for the company. Storwork allows every entrepreneur to create a tool dedicated to his industry and make profits from it.

What are the benefits from Storwork?

Low costs

creating application through Storwork is much cheaper because it is based on ready standard which at the same time does not limit the author in any way.

Help of developers

if you are looking for support for your programmers or work by yourself, we can help you develop application’s frontend according to your idea.

Risk reducing

you gain application’s backend with modelled business process in it. It helps you to succeed. Our support, experience and requirements we set ourselves will prevent mistakes that are most often committed when programming the system.

High standard of application

we are responsible for what applications are in the Storwork, so we will do our best to ensure highest quality of your software.

Server stability and data backup

your data will be safe on our servers. We will be responsible for making backup copies so you do not have to worry about losing them.

Testing your idea

instead of investing time and money to create an application that may prove useless, you can check with us whether your idea has a real chance of success.

Technical support

we provide server infrastructure and server configuration.

Integration with other applications

we work in a one standard, so we can offer integration your application with others. It is a way to improve the usability of your applications for users.

What does the cooperation with us looks like?

  • 1


    You apply to us by mail, form or by phone.

  • 2


    Show us your idea on application - for your business, for your client.

  • 3


    We establish a form of cooperation. You decide whether you will be developing interface by yourself, or our team will be developing it or we will do it together.

  • 4


    We provide server infrastructure, data security, application backend and help you need. You develop the app in the language you like the most or leave it to us.

  • 5


    You benefit from your app – you can use it only in your firm or share with your clients after they pay. The choice is up to you but the risk of making a bad business model is much more lower with a professional support from us.

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